About the RDC

Revista de Direito Civil is a periodical of the Lisbon Centre for Research in Private Law of the University of Lisbon School of Law.


Founded in 2015 by Prof. Dr. António Menezes Cordeiro, it promotes the creation and spreading of knowledge in different areas of Civil law and Civil Procedural law (and other related areas), fostering high quality scientific research.


It is managed by its Director (Prof. Dr. António Menezes Cordeiro) and by the Revision Commission, chaired by the Director and including three other members (Prof. Dr. Miguel Teixeira de Sousa, Prof. Dr. Pedro Romano Martinez and Prof. Dr. Luís Menezes Leitão). 


Seven years after its foundation, the Revista de Direito Civil is a reference in the Portuguese market. However, it was deemed convenient to reform some structural issues. Delivering on the goals previously set, as from 2022, it (i) is published online, with open access, at www.revistadedireitocivil.pt and (ii) the articles to be published are selected through a double blind peer review process. 


The new life of Revista de Direito Civil now begins, in digital format and immediately accessible by anyone interested in its content, but based on its original values. It is still based on the promotion of the best scientific research.